IT Service Management

IT Service Management is the overall activities which are carried out by an organisation to design, develop, deliver, operate and manage information technologies provided to clients. IT Service Management is divided into two key activities management and service. The services that are delivered may be software development, computer maintenance, hardware maintenance, security assessment, quality assurance test, and training. There are several objectives of IT Service Management. It mainly involves five main factors which include business impact, regulatory obligations, quality management, and business recovery.To learn more about IT service management visit

Business impact is the impact of service management practices on an organisation's business. To enhance operational efficiency and reduce cost, it helps to make the right decisions and controls. The objectives, which are included in this aspect include business continuity, business accuracy, business productivity and business recovery.

Regulatory obligations dictate that the methods and procedures must comply with the regulations laid down. This aspect is known as Information Technology Services and it affects the processes, systems management, technical support, training and development practices, and software lifecycle. These frameworks ensure that there is continuous improvement in the IT systems and that these improve the overall efficiency. The methods are designed and implemented so that they can support business requirements and these help in providing quality solutions.

IT Service Management helps to develop and maintain the IT systems, software, networks and other IT infrastructures. The methods, processes and strategies are implemented to monitor the lifecycle of these IT systems. They are designed so that they can provide information technology solutions, enhance the business, and guarantee system reliability and safety. These also help in reducing costs and maintaining the systems, procedures and processes in a cost-effective manner.

IT Service Management includes the overall management of an IT services company. The service providers who are part of this organization to provide value added services, value added processes, and a coordinated approach. There are service providers who offer a full range of IT solutions to different business goals. These include mission-critical applications, web solutions, enterprise search solutions, database solutions, enterprise security solutions, and more. You can get the best IT Service Management services here.The methods and techniques involve in managing the processes involved are aimed at improving the processes and improving the quality.

IT service management uses four main frameworks. The first framework is infrastructure based. This is the foundation of the application framework, and the second framework is desktop based. The third framework is middleware and the fourth framework is infrastructure as a service. Check out this post that has expounded on the topic:

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